Expertise & Industries

Our expertise is centred on resolving complex international disputes. In particular, we have extensive knowledge and experience in handling disputes arising from M&A contracts, international construction and engineering projects, distribution and agency agreements, franchising and licensing contracts, joint venture agreements, commodities transactions and long-term supply contracts.

We also advise businesses in connection with cross-border and multi-jurisdictional litigation. This includes advising clients on US litigations or representing them in the courts of various jurisdictions where our offices are located. We have extensive experience in handling and managing complex cross-border proceedings in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

We understand that a client’s case is never simply a legal problem but also a commercial one. We always bear in mind our clients’ commercial needs and interests thanks to the practical experience we gained from arbitrations and litigation involving various industries. These include:

Automotive & Heavy Industry
Construction & Engineering
Commodities Trading
Energy & Power
Fashion & Luxury Goods
High-tech Products
Media, Art & Entertainment
Mining & Metals
Pharmaceutical & Biotech
Real Estate
Transportation, Logistics & Shipping